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Major milestones in the development history of the game industry

The gaming industry has become one of the billion-dollar empires after more than 40 years of building and developing. Gone are the days when people had to line up in shopping malls to spend a few minutes playing games. The appearance of the PC and Console has changed all that.

1951 – First game console

The world’s first gaming machine called Nimrod. Because of this era, computers were so rare to develop a game very difficult. The manufacturers have had to save and test many times to come up with this game.

70s – The first console generation

The first console called The Magnavox Odyssey was born. This is the first product to put a game into a removable device – magnetic tape. Players only need to insert tape into the console slot to enjoy the game.

The product is first available in America and has a new version in Europe. Seeing the development potential of the Console, manufacturers quickly both turned and launched many series of games.

The 1980s – The golden age of personal computers

The first personal computer in the 1980s could be plugged into a TV screen. On top of that, players can not only enjoy gaming moments, but also create a game for themselves using programming tools. Not only in the gaming industry and the advent of personal computers has changed a whole history of humanity.

The advent of personal computers has changed the gaming industry

90s – CD and PlayStation

In the 1990s, a new generation of consoles that truly changed the gaming industry began to emerge. The CD was first on the market in the late 80’s, but it wasn’t until the early 90’s that it was optimized to be larger, hold more data and be suitable for game products.

2000s – MMO

As more and more powerful PCs went with the advancement of hardware, people thought of a kind of game that could link gamers remotely, but not offline.

The concept of MMO (Massive Multiplayer Online) – Online multiplayer, starting from seemingly very simple questions. The advent of MMO has brought the gaming industry big changes. A series of online games were born with impressive record arena.

Future Era – Virtual Reality

In the frame of the screen, everything has begun to come to an end. People want something more. Real experience, transformed into characters in the game.

Virtual reality games already have foundations

And virtual reality games already have foundations. In the future, we can completely believe in a gaming industry that dominates the same world that goes hand in hand with the real human world.