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Top 10 game titles to enjoy on PC for sports game lovers (Part 1)

Talking about sports games, it must be said competition, sports games are always confrontations between two sides or sometimes multiple sides, and of course, the ultimate goal is to win.

As a longtime fan of sports games, I have tried many games, sometimes some games play subjects that I have never seen before. But what sports games always evoke for players is a sense of challenge and competition that everyone has in person. So if you love to play hardcore games, like to compete, then play the following sports games right away, to know what extreme sport is like.


Football is the most-watched sport in the world, and so are the football games. As one of the bosses in the football game industry, FIFA is currently the most played sports game today with many new features released every year, full player license, and unique multiplayer mode. . Promises to bring you the most authentic and beautiful football experience.

FIFA is currently the most played sports game today

In version 20 this time, FIFA still does not disappoint us in terms of the image of the game. Our favorite players are modeled extremely accurately, from the shots, dribbles, or kicks of the players we all think of in real life. And with the “street” model launched this year, we can experience famous stars in a more technical, beautiful environment.

PES 2020

As a direct competitor of FIFA, PES also brings the most realistic and satisfying experiences. Although it is not possible compared to FIFA in terms of player copyright, PES has a playing mechanism that I think is more realistic and “sure”.

Of course, that is their feeling, but compared to the hotness of these two games, it can be confirmed that PES has been a formidable opponent of FIFA for many years.

This year’s PES is probably both inhibiting for players and addictive at the same time, with the renewal of some mechanisms in the passing feature, passes are now becoming harder and more time-consuming.

This feature gives you one thing we always need in football games, which is the reality, too virtual, sometimes unrealistic passes now no longer. With the passing mechanism changed as well as some skill features and the pace of the match, PES 2020 still brings a satisfying experience for veteran PES fans.

Top 5 most popular sports games on PC nowadays (Part 2)

In this part, let’s explore the rest of the top 5 most popular sports games on PC nowadays!

3. NBA 2K20

Unlike soccer games, the NBA is the only king in basketball. The NBA offers stunning visuals, precise rendering, full copyright, and extremely hand-to-hand gameplay with precise three-point or screen-shake dunk. NBA version 2020 deserves to be a monument of basketball games in particular and sports games in general.

After a few small hiccups on the day of its release, NBA 2K20 has been updated quickly and becomes much smoother and more stable. In the new version, the mechanism is a bit slower, giving a more accurate feeling. And what players are most interested in is the “career” mode, with a fascinating story and the presence of legends, this sports game has made us not disappointed.

4. Madden NFL 20

The NFL game brings the highest Super Bowl experiences, famous players with extremely powerful, violent gameplay that makes gamers, whether playing football or not, are caught up in the horror of this game.

In the 2020 version, the game also offers a top-notch experience with improvements in graphics, namely the audience and the pitch and interesting wind and rain effects. Gameplay changes slightly and promises to bring the most explosive moments for players who are passionate about sports.

5. WWE 2K20

When the WWE experience on the game brings excitement to the player, especially when the last move finishes the opponent and wins the World Champion title. In short, this is a good game and takes a lot of time so gamers download and experience slowly!


Above are the top 5 sports games on the computer that gamers are hunting for this time. Certainly with the experience in the game will partly help you become happier and more refreshing. And now let’s challenge your intelligence and control skills through these popular sports games!

Top 5 most popular sports games on PC nowadays (Part 1)

Sport is a topic that never stops hot in the tables or conversations between men. But if you are busy with work and often miss the epic soccer games, F1 racing in your dreams, why not try the sports game experience on the computer? Surely the following top games will help you alleviate the “lack of movement” right now.

Currently, there are many sports games on the computer that is worth playing and are loved by many gamers, but which game is the name that deserves to be on the list of top sports games worth playing in 2020? Let’s explore together!

1. FIFA 20

If you are a professional gamer or sports lover, then surely you can not ignore football. This is the most-watched sport today and the football game is similar.

Dubbed the king sports game, FIFA is currently the most popular player with new features that are regularly updated, with a full player license and a unique multiplayer mode. FIFA promises to bring players authentic and beautiful football experiences.

In the FIFA 20 version, the players who are extremely accurately simulated from receiving the ball, passing the ball, or shooting posture make us think of in real life. In particular, the “street” model launched to help us experience famous stars in a more technical environment.

2. PES 2020

PES is a competitor not “in the sky” with FIFA, PES brings players a very realistic and satisfying experience. Although it is not possible with FIFA in terms of player copyright, PES has a playing mechanism that is considered extremely realistic. But that is just the individual’s feelings, compared to the hotness, these are the two games that have always topped the top of computer sports games for many years.

PES is not only addictive, but this year’s version of the game is also inhibiting for players, with the change of some mechanics in the ball feature, the passes will be more difficult and take more time. But this feature will bring a very realistic and satisfying experience for veteran PES fans.