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Addictive basketball games nowadays that should not be missed

Basketball games are one of the most interesting sports games. Basketball at that time was no stranger to many people in the world. If you love basketball and have a passion for the game, try the following basketball games right away to have moments of entertainment and relaxation.


The peak of the basketball game line on PC platform probably must mention the NBA – the monument in the 2K sports games. Currently, NBA2k17 is the latest version of this series.

Speaking of the NBA, any player who loves basketball will know. The game graphics are also getting better and better, the character details are also more realistic and the reproduction of a basketball match is no different than we all watch on TV.

In addition, the NBA also updates the actual basketball player situation, so that players can choose, change, and control and adjust their tactics each match. From there, making decisions like buying and selling to own a perfect basketball team.

In general, it is not necessary to say too much about the NBA. Try this game to know how good this basketball game is. The game promises to bring you hours of enjoyment.

FreeStyle2: Street Basketball

FreeStyle2: Street Basketball is an MMO basketball game on PC with extremely unique gameplay and graphics. Players participate in basketball matches on the street, focus on their character, and can team up to play with other players.

If you are an orange ball enthusiast and don’t want to play simple basketball games, but If you want realistic gameplay like what FIFA or PES can do with football, you should think of FreeStyle2: Street Basketball.

FreeStyle2: Street Basketball brings a lot of policy to play for gamers of all levels. After choosing a play position and a little customization for the character such as the voice, you will see the instructions. Please pay attention to the instructions carefully to learn how to play and how to get free items.

FreeStyle2: Street Basketball consists of a Basic Character and an important special Character. When you reach level 50, you will receive a free Buzzer Beater Special Character.

When creating a special character, you will receive a Special Character Card Set. These characters have 40 attribute points with more unique effects, different celebrations of victory, and their own teams. In addition, particularly important characters (except The West and Buzzer Beater) must also own their own voices.

Some highly-recommended football games for PC nowadays

Below is a list of the top football sports games for PC that will surely make you satisfied. Let’s explore the list of the games!

Referring to the online football game for PC, it is impossible to ignore the two most prominent names of the two big guys that are EA Sport and Konami with two children and rivals that are FIFA online 4 and Pro Evolution Soccer (PES). There are also some great games for players.

If you love football and want to find a football game that gives you a feeling of satisfaction, this will be the choice you do not need to wonder. Through 4 big update versions and many improved graphics and AI in the game, FIFA online 4 is a king of electronic football sports.

Compatible to play on a popular device like PC, extremely realistic graphics, along with sound quality, the sound is perfectly recorded. Especially the intelligent control system as well as real-life functions such as training, transfer, or ranking. All of them make the player get the best experience.

As for the feel of the game, the players’ movements, the goalkeeper’s reflexes, the ball’s path is very real and much more quality than the previous version (FIFA online 3). FIFA can be strong in its short and fast pass play.

PES – Pro Evolution Soccer

It is always one of the games with the most downloads and games, besides FIFA online 4. The game is specifically known for its Playstation, Xbox platform, and also on PC. Because of that variety that players can freely play according to their preferences.

If FIFA Online 4 is playing extremely well on PC (using the keyboard), PES is the first choice for gaming with a controller. The graphics of PES 2018 have been carefully invested by production, you can see detailed images such as the grass on the field, the image of the audience… The gameplay in PES is prone to long passes and poke.

In the event that PC and eSport are opening up new opportunities in the future, PES may develop to be a popular eSport game in the future.

Football Manager 2018

You will experience the way to become the best coach by building squads, buying and selling players, building tactics, organizing training, and participating in tournaments.

It gives you the feeling of a real coach. Moreover, the configuration to play this game is not too heavy and you can easily play it on most laptop devices including PC.