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Top 10 role-playing games to entertain on your PC in 2020 (Part 4)

Ni no Kuni II: Revenant Kingdom

As a game developed by the longstanding Level-5 game studio in Japan and also released by tycoon Bandai, Ni No Kuni surely will not let gamers disappointed.

There are different characters with many different personalities in the game. You can do the tasks assigned to progress in the story, and the open and beautiful world of Ni No Kuni that you can explore is also a factor that helps the game be loved.

There are different characters with many different personalities in the game

The typical graphics of the game now look at play and love, using Japanese anime style, it is the result of the collaboration between the legendary Studio Ghibli and the game company. Level 5, besides the game, also gives the feeling that it has something very “Nintendo” but funny that the game itself has not appeared on this platform.

Final Fantasy XV

Referring to Japanese games is to mention Final Fantasy, if not counting the remake version, FFXV is the latest version of this legendary series.

This time you will be coming to Noct’s adventure in the vast Eos world, if this is the first time you experience FF and have known the hit game FFVII remake, the 15th version will providing a much more varied experience.

The background is not lacking, the world is so wide for you and your teammates to travel, the beautiful graphics can not be criticized, making the feeling of driving the genuine cars through the far roads, wearing the top music is better than ever.

Skyrim V

Skyrim is probably no stranger to gamers, the role-playing game legend is still one of the solid monuments representing this extremely attractive game genre.

The variety in the class division with charismatic character-building mechanics, open-world and so much to do, you will always have an inseparable experience while playing this game.

Skyrim is an attractive role-playing game

Skyrim’s graphics are a bit outdated compared to today’s titles, but at the time it was released it was definitely on the top of the game with nice graphics.

However, today Skyrim is still favored by gamers because of its ability to mod the game, many of the best mods are able to “buff” the graphics for Skyrim to become more “trendy”. If you want to experience this legend but with “Remastered” graphics, the mods will be effective solutions.


Above are the top 10 role-playing games with the most graphics on PC for you to experience the modern game-making industry of the world. Wish everyone happy entertainment!