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How will mobile games affect PC games in the future? (Part 2)

In particular, mobile gamers are not only different from PC but also extremely proud of their gaming advantages such as mobility, convenience, and more economy. Most easily, mobile gamers have the advantage of mobility when they are just a small phone can easily connect with friends to fight survival games. 

In addition to the cost of a smartphone and a PC capable of fighting the best game, there is also a clear price difference, besides, mobile gamers are also easier to fix than PC gamers in major esports tournaments.

Will mobile replace PCs in the future?

Mobility and convenience are that, but compared to the PC experience, mobile gamers are still a long way away, even when a series of role-playing blockbuster titles like Devil May Cry, Fallout… are available on mobile. The user experience is still not as comfortable as when you were sitting on a PC.

Most conspicuous is the case of PUBG Mobile when gamers play on the phone, with the touch of the screen you will not have the most comfortable viewing angle as on the PC, especially when those touch screen operations can be accidental.

Covering the enemy when he falls into a blind spot on the phone screen, besides, manipulating the phone is quite restrictive will not bring the original experience on PC.

It is difficult for mobile games to overcome the PC experience

Although there are many limitations, it is not wrong to say that mobile gamers can become a new standard of gamers, even replacing PC is not wrong, because the huge market of mobile gamers community is a delicious piece of cake. the sweetest that the developers are always aiming for.

It is difficult for mobile games to overcome the PC experience

Also, it is possible that at present, mobile gamers are still underneath, but with cloud gaming technologies such as Google’s Stadia and the processor, chips are getting smaller and smaller to easily integrate into electricity. and increase their performance, mobile gamers still can outdo and replace their PC seniors to become the new standard of gamers in the future.


It is not difficult to realize that mobile gamers are gradually becoming more popular with a series of big and small competitions, but if you talk about surpassing PC and becoming the new standard of gamers, this is a story in the future.

Being affected by mobile and PC, will consoles disappear in the future? (Part 2)

And does not stop there, in 2008, another craze broke out when Apple launched iPhone – a high-end smartphone marked the development of mobile games.

Now, users have one more thing to play games on a great touch screen. Even for a short while, it seemed that PC and gaming consoles were dead. But with the continuous efforts of manufacturers, they have regained their market by making the most of the advantages they have.

There are many games that can be played on both PC and consoles. The PC is always the optimal choice for gaming or even for office tasks. With the keyboard and mouse, the PC has outstanding advantages that help users quickly get acquainted and operate most accurately.

The PC is always the optimal choice for gaming or even for office tasks

Consoles are always great when playing games that require a lot of action at the same time, like running, turning, and shooting. Once you master the manipulation of the console, you are a real monster. But both of these types have a drawback, which is the lack of portability. How long was the last time you unplugged the console from the TV screen?

Mobility in gaming

Mobility is what mobile gaming is all about. You can play games wherever you like, as long as your phone has a battery remaining. Of course, it will never play heavy titles that can only be played on PC and consoles (Skyrim, God of War…). Moreover, the price of a gaming phone is not cheap either. Spend a large amount of money playing casual games Is a perfect choice?

Each gaming platform has its strengths and weaknesses

The bottom line here is, each gaming platform has its strengths and weaknesses. No one will be sure in the future which platforms will dominate the market and which platforms will have to stop.

The only thing for sure is that the user will always choose for themselves an optimal product at the most reasonable price. Mobile, PC, or gaming console, whatever platform meets the needs of the user is worthy of the position that I will have.