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The best survival games in 2020 that you should not ignore

Don’t Starve Together

The game takes you on a tough survival adventure where you’ll have to try to keep yourself full and lucid. Fight off a wide range of dangers from the wild like night, weather, and giant monsters.

The game also has a massive collection and crafting item system, unique and diverse ecological communities under Tim Burton’s graphic style that are both lovely and spooky. Also, the game has a version of Don’t Starve Together for you to freely play co-op with your friends.

Ark: Survival Evolved

Ark: Survival Evolved is a PC survival game set in a deserted island isolated from the world. You will play the role of a human who, somehow, gets lost on this island, and must find a way to survive in the prehistoric world here.

Survival Evolved is a PC survival game set in a deserted island isolated from the world

The most outstanding feature of the game is the diverse biological system, especially dinosaurs. And more specifically, in addition to having to fight them, you can also tame animals and dinosaurs to ride or help you in your survival and explore this harsh island.

This War of Mine

Not a deserted island, not a strange land or a wilderness, but in This War of Mine, you will experience the stress and pressure of having to survive in a country after the war.

You will no longer have to fight a giant fantasy monster or something, but you will face the most everyday dangers including hunger, disease, and other unwilling humans. Can you overcome the dark world of This War of Mine?


Considered the best and most attractive zombie-themed PC survival game today, DayZ will bring you a real war of survival in the post-apocalyptic world. You will not only have to worry about enough food and water, but also protect yourself from tons of different dangerous diseases, and of course, the hordes of zombies out there.


SCUM can be considered as a survival game that most accurately simulates the impact of food on the human body. In the game, your character can completely gain and lose weight, depending on the correlation between the calories in food and the character’s movement level.

Besides, other biological factors of the human body such as the speed of food digestion, the strength of the muscles… are also cared for in great detail and authenticity.