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Being affected by mobile and PC, will consoles disappear in the future? (Part 1)

For more than a decade ago, consoles were the most sought after by gamers. We still have a childhood sky with early NES, X-box, Playstation systems.

PC gaming and mobile gaming are constantly appearing on the market. Up to now, the number of gamers using consoles is very limited, because the consoles themselves are very picky about users. We are only seeing pro or semi-pro gamers using consoles in the market. So where is the glorious time of gaming consoles?

PC gaming is evolving over time

From big and raw machines, today we can own a compact PC, powerful and even beautiful. The extremely good optimization of the hardware developers has helped the PC system or gaming laptop gradually stand on the market.

PC gaming is evolving over time

Most PC systems today have open architecture

This means that users can now freely create what they like for their PC hardware. Gradually it also becomes a strong trend, gamers today also consider the decoration or leveling of their gear is a pleasure, a proud passion. This brings about the continuous development of PC gaming.

But that also inadvertently brings a nuisance to some fastidious gamers. With the deeper hardware intervention, of course, they also create problems at times. And they don’t know what to do but unplug and take it to the store for the company to maintain and repair.

That is also one of the reasons why console systems exist to this day. Most of the console systems on the market today have closed designs. You just go to the store, buy them, open it up, and play your favorite game.

The problem is, console systems often abuse this to charge game publishers every time they want to develop products on their platforms. This is the same hook that has hindered console development.