Top 10 most successful online PC games in 2020 (Part 1)

PC game attract millions of gamers to watch every time the tournament takes place. The bigger the scale, the bigger the prize, the more great teams and sponsors. According to research firm Newzoo, they estimate the eSport industry will generate more than $ 1 billion in 2019.

Of course, there will be gamers who like the feeling of standing on the big stage receiving the prize board, and there will also be gamers going to compete in eSport simply because they want to assert their names in front of friends in Europe four tanks.

If you also love games and want to try an eSport game, or simply want to learn more about PC games to track, the list below will help you with that.

The following is a list of the top 10 eSport games in 2019. Note that this list only includes official tournaments with game publisher support.

League of Legends 

This is a MOBA game of Riot Games, and equally attractive as Valve’s Dota 2. LOL’s gameplay mechanics converge with role-playing elements, goalkeepers, and tactics in real time. And this also helps it to be different from other MOBA games on the market.

The unique combination of skill, strategy, and equipment elements is the highlight of this game, making it one of the representative faces of the MOBA game genre. As for the eSport tournament, LOL has the Championship Series with a total prize money of up to $ 2 million.

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

This is a first-person shooter game (FPS – First-person Shooter) of Valve, famous for the Half-Life series. CS: GO was launched in 2012 and is also the latest version of the legendary Counter-Strike series. In the past, if anyone used to go to the net shop to shoot CS1.6, when they played CS: GO, they would see many familiar things.

Although through many years, threatened by many other large-scale shooters such as Call of Duty, Battlefield, but CS: GO still lives well and even lives well behind the other thanks to the gameplay mechanics that have confirmed the name. age and active community, lively discussion.

Although the graphics in the game have signs of obsolete but for many people, this does not matter at all. After many years, they still love CS: GO, and love the ELEAUGUE Major with the prize value of up to $ 1 million.

13 false prophecies about PC gaming in the past decade (Part 3)


ESA figures have proven: the classic PC gaming genre is “dropping the radio”.

They say that the decline in sales of classic games (both in digital terms) has been neglected because casual gaming sales are increasing rapidly, and this is a sign that classic gaming PCs are dying. This is a case of not reading carefully the chart but went indiscriminately saying that only later casual games to play, not classic games anymore. If that’s the case, then there is now Angry Birds 6 instead of Civilization 6.

PC gaming will die a death without anyone noticing

This site assumes that PC gaming will be overwhelmed by consoles, and eventually gamers will choose to buy it console instead of a new video card.

At the same time, the article also lists all kinds of causes that cause PC gaming to die, such as illegal game downloads, consoles becoming popular, the PC community is fragmented. Especially taking the excuse of Blizzard to bring Diablo 3 up consoles so they will leave the PC, thereby causing the platform to be “evaporated” in the future.

Gameskinny: Illegal game downloads are killing PC gaming

This page said that if gamers do not take specific actions to limit the download of illegal games, sooner or later PC gaming will die. This is a common opinion collected from many different developers. Of course the problem of downloading pirated games is a big and important problem that needs to be addressed; But when it comes to making PC gaming wither, it’s a bit … “overkill”.


Wired: PC gaming will be “one go away”

This article is based on a report that Apple is selling a lot of iPhones, while PC sales are not as satisfactory as expected. From this scratch report, Wired has drawn the conclusion that this phen, the PC will … die, and die. It’s probably because Wired thought that people who bought iPhones wouldn’t buy more PCs, so that conclusion was solid.


MarketWatch: PC gaming is on the decline, and it should be

MarketWatch thinks that PC games are getting boring, repetitive, and most importantly, it’s like a slot machine. However, this article gives examples that are superficial, subjective, and somewhat unfounded. In short, the general idea of ​​this article is “because I don’t find PC gaming as exciting as it used to be, it means it’s dying.”

Looking back, it’s undeniable that PC gaming has many problems that need to be solved. But we should also remember that nothing in this world is perfect. PC gaming will continue to live long and growing to serve the gaming community, just like the adage: “Dogs bark and the people go on.”

13 false prophecies about PC gaming in the past decade (Part 2)


Midlife Gamer: With the rapid development of the Internet, PC gaming will flash and then … shut off.

In the article on this page, there are many reasons why PC gaming comes to a dead end including downloading pirated games, lacking gaming servers, players still hesitating to buy digital games at original prices, developers are “lazy”. Optimized for many configurations, and much more.

Kinect creator: Now few people play FPS shooting games on PC.

Kinect creator Kudo Tsunoda said the Halo series has successfully completed the task of transforming the FPS genre into the console platform, so gamers are no longer interested in FPS games on PC.

Currently, there are still many FPS games released on both PC platforms and consoles such as the Call of Duty series, Battlefield series, or even more recently, Halo has also landed on the PC, and both are in harmony, neither side kills either. As for Kinect … is a different story.


ZDNET: Put aside your gaming PC, buy a console to play.

ZDNET said that because digital games are going into a recession in the next 10 years (because gamers can’t sell games to others), consoles will rise to the top and PCs are just to kill time. Now it is not only very popular but also a lot of “markets” that sell digital games on PCs like Steam, Origin,, Epic Games Store.

Cinema Blend: No more arguing, PC gaming will definitely die.

This claim is based on a report by PwC (PricewaterhouseCoopers – one of the 4 largest auditing firms in the world), that the PC gaming retail market has no signs of development, and PC games are also loaded. more pirated.

The shortcoming of Cinema Blend lies in that while the retail market for PC games has decreased, the digital PC game segment is growing. And whether you buy a disc or buy a digital key, you need a PC to play games anyway?

TGDaily: PC gaming is dying, even id Software recognizes that.

After the Rage disaster launch on the PC platform, id Software (known for the Doom and Quake series) blamed drivers for NVIDIA and AMD, saying that the PC was not the main platform, and the console would attract more gamers than PC.

13 false prophecies about PC gaming in the past decade (Part 1)

In the past few years, you will more or less have heard the information, the “solid” statements on the gaming forums, or in the gaming community that “PC master race is dead”, “PC gaming is out of date”, “anyone who plays PC games is outdated”, and actually, until now, PC gaming is still living well, if not healthy.

The reason people are so angry is because over the past decade, there have been many events that have made PC gaming “die and die” five times seven times, such as generations of gaming consoles. launch, pirated PC game downloads, laptop & smartphone configurations are getting stronger year by year.

Here are 13 times the gaming PC was “prophesied” that would die in more than a decade.


Gizmodo: Goodbye desktop PC, you’re so bad already

A report shows that sales of desktops are on the decline at this point, and laptop sales are on the rise. Plus reading the wrong statistics, it was more than enough to declare that the desktop PC would not live any longer.

CNET: Alienware M17x is the best gaming laptop currently, do we still need to use the desktop to play PC games?

At that time, the Alienware M17x was a very cool gaming laptop that cost about 5000 USD and can handle all AAA games. This means the desktop PC will disappear, and with it the PC game. However, a laptop is a computer, and if we don’t play PC games on a gaming laptop, what will we play now?

Chipchick: PC Gaming is dying, but consoles are not the culprit, but it is too difficult to buy PC game discs.

Before online shopping became popular, PC gamers had to go to the disc shop, and this was the source of Chipchick’s statement. In fact, up to now buying a game disc still has certain difficulties, especially for those who have a slow internet connection, but somehow PC gaming is still going on today.

How will PlayStation 5 affect the future of PC Gaming?

Competition is an essential part of life. With the arrival of PS5, PC Gaming will surely have to race fiercely. In the end, the one who benefits the most is gamer.

The current generation of gaming consoles is helping to make PC gaming “spring”, and whether the next-generation PlayStation 5 will help PC gaming thrive?

At first glance, over the years, it seems like such a plausible theory. Games are becoming increasingly complex, often costing tens of millions of dollars to create.

Developers and publishers are interested in selling as many copies as possible, which means they target the mid-range PC market. And with gaming consoles that have been in existence for five years or more, a lot of games have to be ‘in the water’ to ensure that those consoles can still run them. Or for some reason.

How many PC gamers are really using modern hardware platforms?

Relying on hardware surveys Steam can provide the fastest look for PC gaming hardware in general. Based on Steam’s survey, about half of current Steam computers have a graphics card that is more or less powerful than the GPU in PS4.

PS4 is five years old and 35% of Steam’s GPU is equal to or faster than PS4 Pro. In addition, 40% of the computers surveyed were running CPUs clocked below 3GHz and 82% were 2-core or 4-core processors.

In other words, if gaming consoles are not used to play PC games, they are only part of the equation. Old and slower PCs are also partly to blame, because they are at least two-thirds of those who have purchased new computers, with increasingly complex configurations. The good news is that “mid-range PCs” are also getting faster.

13 percent of all Steam PC surveyed had GPUs not equal to PS4 Pro, but obviously faster than it. That’s about 20 million gamers and the number of PCs in this elite group is growing, it’s up two percent since the beginning of 2019 and is likely to reach 20% or more of total PC gamers by the end of this year.

By the time PS5 arrived, more than a quarter of gaming PCs were able to provide the same performance.

10 games that marked the development of PC game graphics (Part 3)

Quake II (1997)

Although not as breakthrough as the first version, Quake II is still an important factor in the development history of the graphics industry because it has support for OpenGL and discrete graphics. Quake II is also improved over its predecessor by supporting the skybox-like environment combined with light colors to make the space more beautiful in the game.


Open Graphics Library is a collection of programming functions (APIs) for building 2D and 3D vector graphics. It supports multiple platforms and is often used to help software or games interact with the GPU, thereby achieving hardware-accelerated performance.

Unreal (1998)

The Unreal power pack used in the Unreal game represents an alternative to the Quake engine. Unreal initially used API Glide functions to accelerate with hardware, later it also added support for OpenGL and Direct3D. Quake and Unreal continued to be strong competitive games on the market in terms of graphic techniques for the next decade.

Doom 3 (2004)

Id Software is an important part of the history of PC graphics, and Doom 3 continues to be such a product with the adoption of the Tech 4 engine id. The best feature of Doom 3 is the ability to merge light and shadow.

It also no longer uses the lighting technique first, instead the light will be calculated in real time and this helps create shadows for almost every surface and object in the game. The game also has a bump mapping technique to make polygons look more detailed.

Half-Life 2 (2004)

This game seems to be destined to be the most attractive game of all time because of the story and gameplay, but it also contributes a lot to the computer graphics industry thanks to the Source engine.

This power supply has many improvements compared to the previous Havok physical power supply to bring the physical properties to the characters in the game. Half-Life 2 also has the ability to render lights and cast shadows at high speed.

Crysis (2007)

Developed based on the CryEngine power source for the previous Far Cry game, Crytek created CryEngine 2 to write the famous Crysis game. As a result, this game has quickly become a benchmark tool for PC power.

By 2007, if you set the maximum game configuration, almost no ordinary computer will play this game. One of the most notable features of Crisis or CryEngine 2 is the improved physical interaction recognition power supply and many good lighting effects.

Above are 10 games that marked the development of PC game graphics throughout history.

10 games that marked the development of PC game graphics (Part 2)

Wolfenstein 3D (1992)

For those who have played the game since the 90s, few people can forget the game “shoot Nazi” or “Rambo”. Wolfenstein 3D was developed based on John Carmack’s Wolfenstein power supply, which makes use of ray casting to create graphical objects in the game.

It also helps to draw geometric shapes by using algorithms to give a three-dimensional feel. Actually, Wolfenstein 3D is not really “3D” as it is today, but it was still very impressive at the beginning of the era of computer boom.

John D. Carmacksinh August 20, 1970. He is a game developer and co-founder of Id Software. Carmack led the way in writing such popular titles as Common Keen, Wolfenstein 3D, Doom, Quake, Rage and others.

Carmack is best known for his contributions in innovating 3D graphics, such as the Carmack Reverse algorithm to create shading. He also likes missiles and spacecraft, so he founded and concurrently served as chief engineer of Armadillo Aerospace. In August 2013, Carmack became Chief Technology Officer for Oculus VR.

Doom (1993)

Based on the Doom engine – also developed by Carmack – this Doom game is extremely popular and has a lot of fans around the world. At the time of launch, the game represented a huge leap forward compared to the previous Wolfenstein engine.

As a result, Doom has more advanced 3D graphics features, every surface in the game is covered with patterns or colors, the lighting of each area is also different, the color is also more diverse. But the real innovation of Doom is that the game can run on hardware without having to be too strong because the developer has applied many tricks to reduce the level of resource consumption.

Quake (1996)

This is considered the most important game at the time 1996 in the field of computer graphics. Unlike Doom and Wolfenstein, Quake’s engine builds polygonal models based on sprites (2D images are often used to describe moving objects without affecting the surrounding environment).

Quake also started to apply true 3D game design with pre-set lighting, and users can also refine the game through the installation of mods. Quake was later upgraded to support OpenGL3D and by 1998 it supported hardware acceleration.

10 games that marked the development of PC game graphics (Part 1)

Take a look at 10 games that play an important role and their contributions to the field of computer game graphics.

Computer graphics have grown tremendously in recent decades. Through simple 2D games such as Commander Keen, Wolfenstein or Doom famous in the 1990s until Crysis with “terrible” graphics in 2007, developers have been constantly innovating and creating creations to bring true experiences.

In this article we invite you to take a look at 10 games that play an important role and their contributions to the field of computer game graphics.

Commander Keen (1990)

This is one of the first travel games for PC, and people often compare Commander Keen as Mario for computers. The game was developed by Apogee Software for MS-DOS.

Today we look no longer interested in the game, but at the time this game marked a major step forward in the gaming industry. Commander Keen also uses a technique called “adaptive tile refresh” to create a smooth transition effect as the character moves.

The game engine is a software framework designed to make game development easier. Currently, games on computers, mobile phones or consoles use game engine types.

Key features of a game engine include the ability to draw 2D or 3D images, the ability to detect collisions or physical interactions (and how to respond), sound, scripting, action, artificial intelligence, networking, network gaming, memory management, threaded processing, localization support… By taking advantage of game engines, game cost and time can be significantly reduced and easily carried over to different platforms.

Sim City 2000 (1993)

Maxis Software was a game making company founded in 1987 and they have built their name with the extremely popular The Sim and SimCity series to this day. Maxis Software has written its games using a technique called isometric perspective. It allows users to slightly change the viewing angle during the game to see different details of the environment.

Imagine being able to turn around the city in SimCity to see different sides of tall buildings. “Isometric” is also known by other names such as “3/4” or “2.5D view”. On July 28, 1997, Maxis Software was acquired by EA Games.